What’s it all about?

Bob MacKenzie, author, performer, photographer
Canadian poet and author Bob MacKenzie

The broad focus of this blog is words and communication. It will especially explore writing in the arts and in society and aspects of the writing life.

In 1996, I created a website home for my music reviews, with a focus on folk and roots-based new music releases, especially by indie artists. About ten years later, I created a blog-style reviews site, keeping the original site open as an archive of reviews. A while ago, I closed down both sites so I could pursue other avenues to support my fellow artists. During the period these sites were online, about three-hundred reviews had been generated.

I mean this new blog to be home to informed, intelligent discussion of writing, writing related subjects, and all of the arts in general. Our discussion may touch on: writing poetry or prose, reading poetry or prose, prose fiction forms, song writing and lyrics, live and recorded performance, the role of The Arts in today’s world, arts history, and more. In fact, so long as a topic has at least a tenuous connection to The Arts (and what doesn’t?), pretty much anything goes here.

I’ll post regularly but comments, discussion of ideas and concepts, questions about writing and publishing, and other input by other artists or their fans is very welcome.


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  1. Leslie Hubel said:

    You need a like link.

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